Creation of varietals

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BEE also runs hybridization and experimental programs: apricots with the PEPS program, red flesh apples and plums.
We manage and market our varietals on a daily basis across the whole of continental Europe and the entire Mediterranean Basin.

We do a lot of experimentation in that region, at numerous sites that BEE has invested in, thereby covering every climatic and crop constraint.

Part of the experimental orchard is used to maintain an important genetic pool.

One of our main achievements is the PEPS program for improving the apricot species, where we currently have just over 27,000 hybrids under observation on 27 hectares dedicated to this program.

The golden rule in our varietal selection programs consists of 5 inseparable elements: The varietals must be regular producers, easy to manage, disease-resistant, mechanizable, and have great flavor & shelf-life.

Each of these hybrids undergoes genetic testing to verify fertility and allele compatibility, to guarantee the highest satisfaction for our producers.

Selection criteria

picto resistance


High natural

picto qualité


Agronomic qualities
(low-chilling, high yield, etc.)

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Varieties selected for their flavor qualities

picto difference


Varieties must stand out strongly